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Tokyo governorfs motorbike race at Miyake to cut off flights to island


A motorbike race planned in Tokyofs Miyakejima Island at the initiative of Tokyo Governor Ishihara Shintaro will cause the islandfs airport to close on October 18, and the islanders are increasing their criticism at the plan to shut down the public transport systems due to this event.


The motorbike race is scheduled for October 17 through 19, and the Tokyo Government and Miyakejima will provide 200 million yen. 


After the Tokyo Metropolitan Governmentfs request for the use of the airportfs runways for a 400-meter short track bike race, the All Nippon Airways decided to cancel its flights on the day.


However, in last yearfs event, the number of participants was fewer than 200, in spite of the metropolitan governmentfs use of 265 million yen on promoting it, showing that the event did not help in the recovery of the islandfs economy from the volcano eruption.


The Japanese Communist Party Tokyo assembly membersf group demanded that the race be called off and that genuine relief for the island be provided.

- Akahata, October 16, 2008



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