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JCP chair says reducing the amount of deposit required for candidacy is a matter of democracy 


Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo said that the issue of reducing the amount of deposit required for running for public offices is a matter of democracy.


Shii made the remark on November 21 commenting on the LDPfs move to propose cutting the amount of deposit candidates make to run in the elections and easing the rule on reimbursement.


Shii stressed that the present deposit system requires candidates to pay an extraordinarily large amount of money to become candidates, which is very undemocratic in that it virtually restricts the opportunity to run in the elections. He said that the JCP has consistently demanded a fundamental review of the deposit system.


Regarding the recent LDP plan, Shii said, gIt is a positive move. We will carefully examine the proposal. This issue must not be dealt with as part of political speculation because it has important bearing on Japanese democracy.h  

- Akahata, November 22, 2008



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