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JCP demands government regulate businesses preying on the poor 


The Japanese Communist Party in the Diet demanded that the government take action against businesses preying on the poor and causing various problems.


Yoshii Hidekatsu, a JCP member of the House of Representatives, took up the issue of business targeting the poor at the House Cabinet Affairs Committee meeting on November 19.


He said, gIn housing, welfare, money lending, and other businesses, there are companies that target the poor, including making arrangement for jobs for day laborers, rents that do not require deposits but impose high penalties for late payments of rent, and money lending with high interest rates. They take advantage of the economically weak position.


A National Police Agency official stated, gWe are always concerned about business methods that prey on needy people. We will be tough in dealing with any acts that are regarded as crimes.h


Yoshii said, gThis is a problem that the government should address as an inter-agency matter.h


Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission Sato Tsutomu said, gI will make efforts so that all Cabinet members as well as the prime minister take the lead in this effort.h                                                 - Akahata, November 22, 2008


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