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Upper House adopts resolution to secure jobs

The House of Councilors on January 7 adopted a unanimous urgent resolution at its plenary session calling on the government and corporations to provide jobs and shelters for those temporary and fixed-term contract workers laid off due to the recent job cuts at many large corporations.

This is the fifth employment-related House of Councilors resolution, the first since December 1968.

The Diet action was in response to the growing call arising from the public as well as those who gathered at the "tent village" in Tokyo during the New Year holidays after losing jobs and places to live.

The resolution states that corporations must not lay off workers or withdraw job offers, and demands that they maintain jobs.

It calls on the government to help employers create jobs while providing assistance to laid-off workers, including providing places to live in and job training, and to urgently use the welfare assistance system.

The draft resolution had been submitted to the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors on January 6 by five opposition parties, the Japanese Communist, Democratic, Social Democratic, and People's New parties, and New Party DAICHI.

At a press conference after the submission of the draft resolution, JCP Policy Commission Chair Koike Akira said, "The ruling party should support this resolution. The Diet should make it clear to the public that it is seriously facing up to the present situation. We call on all Diet parties to support and adopt the resolution."


- Akahata January 7 & 8, 2009

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