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Shii talks about temporary labor to Marx on TV talk show

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo appeared on a TV Tokyo talk show aired on January 19 and answered wide-ranging questions, including the reasons behind why many young people are joining the JCP, the meaning of the party's call for change from "capitalism without rules" to an economy "governed by rules," and how Marx may have analyzed the present economic crisis.

The program also included footage showing dismissed temporary workers facing hard times, a meeting Shii had with Toyota Motor' executives to call for a halt to dismissals of temporary workers, as well as various JCP activities.

Writer Murakami Ryu, the host of the program, opened the show by stating, "At a time when economic inequalities are expanding beyond tolerable levels, young people are supporting or joining the JCP. I would like to know if the JCP, led by Mr. Shii, can really meet their needs."

Shii said, "If one company lays off temporary workers, it may benefit itself. But it will be suicidal if all companies do the same," warning that mass layoffs by major corporations will lead the nation's economy to a downturn spiral.

Pointing out that the adverse revision of the Worker Dispatch Law created the "disposable labor," Shii stressed that by using only a part of major corporations' internal revenues, job cuts can be avoided.

Concerning capitalism, Shii said that Marx wrote in Capital that without social restrictions imposed, capital does not care about workers' health or safety and will greedily seek further profits at any cost.

After it was aired, many people sent their comments on the program to the JCP head office. Some even announced that they want to join the JCP.

- Akahata, January 21, 2009

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