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Peace activists rally in opposition to air tanker deployment to ASDF Komaki Base

About 80 peace activists on March 9 assembled at the gate of the Air Self-Defense Force Komaki Base in Aichi Prefecture to stage a protest against the deployment of KC-767 aerial refueling aircraft to the ASDF Komaki Base.

Participants chanted, "No military aircrafts disturbing the peace!"

The Defense Ministry plans to deploy a total of four air tankers to the Komaki Air Base by the end of next March. This air refueling tanker is the third one.

The first two air tankers frequently experienced problems, and one of them went up in flames on a runway. Residents near the base expressed their anxiety.

Three leaders of the relevant municipalities jointly urged the Defense Ministry to stop carrying out flight operation of air tankers until the cause of the accident is determined.

- Akahata, March 10, 2009

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