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2009 OCTOBER 14 - OCTOBER 20

JCP Central Committee holds its 9th Plenum
The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee held its 9th Plenum on October 13-14 at the JCP head office in Tokyo. JCP Chair Shii Kazuo gave the report on behalf of the JCP Executive Committee. The report was based on his speech marking the 87th anniversary of the founding of the JCP.

JCP Shii criticizes DPJ policies as inadequate in responding to peoplefs demands
On October 17, during streetspeeches calling for voters to vote for Japanese Communist Party candidate in the House of Councilors by election in Kanagawa Prefeture (held on October 25), JCP Chair Shii Kazuo criticized some Democratic Party of Japan policies for being inadequate in responding to peoplefs demands.

National rally held to mark Matsukawa Incidentfs 60th anniversary
About 1,200 people attended a rally on October 17-18 to mark the 60th anniversary of one of the most serious postwar crimes allegedly committed by the state, known as the Matsukawa Incident.

Keidanren to forego assessing 2 major partiesf policies this year
Next Diet session should break through crisis of peoplefs livelihoods: JCP Diet Policy Commission Chair Kokuta in meeting with DPJ counterpart
FY 2010 budget request reaches record-high level
JCP Shii criticizes DPJ policies as inadequate in responding to peoplefs demands
DPJ members complain about lack of inner-party policy-making body

Okinawa governor approves of plan for new U.S. base in Okinawa
JCP lawmakers and Kin mayor (Okinawa) discuss ways to stop U.S. forces causing damage to residents
JCP in Kagoshima demands a halt to U.S. low-altitude flight training exercises
Hokkaido Gensuikyo opposes USS Patriot entry into civil port
Peace organizations demand that U.S. Marine Corps live-fire drill at Kita-Fuji be canceled

BSE risky parts contained in imported U.S. beef
Farmers and consumers launch eGreen Wavef action

Hiroshima and Nagasaki consider bidding to host 2020 Olympics
NGOs call on ICNND to reflect momentum for nuclear-free world

Consumers calls on JCP to work to cut consumption tax
Anti-poverty volunteers urge government to take further steps to avoid setting up etent villagef
400 billion yen reserved for hosting 2016 Olympic Games should be used to improve citizensf living conditions
ILO report expresses concern over ebeneficiary-paysf requirement for the disabled
Pensioners in rallies demand abolition of discriminatory health insurance system for the elderly

Supreme Court must ensure oral proceedings over handbill posting case - Akahata editorial (excerpts)
National rally held to mark Matsukawa Incidentfs 60th anniversary

Kushu Electric Power forcibly loads a reactor with MOX fuel
Court again orders Okinawafs local governments to stop using public funds for reclamation of tideland
JCP and environmental groups call for cancellation of Awase reclamation project
Gunma JCP requests land ministry to take measures to solve Yanba dam issue

JCP Central Committee holds its 9th Plenum
JCP Vice Chair Ogata meets with Vietnamese CP delegation

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