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2009 OCTOBER 21 - OCTOBER 27

Hatoyama delivers his first policy speech
Under the Democratic Party of Japan-led government, the 173rd extraordinary Diet session opened on October 26 for 36 days up to November 30. Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio at a plenary session of the both Houses delivered his first policy speech.

Japanfs poverty rate of 15.7% is highest level among industrialized countries
The report released on October 20 by the Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry shows that Japanfs poverty rate reached 15.7% in 2006 with the rate for children at 14.2%.

Is Toyota again using workers as disposable labor?
While dismissing a large number of fixed-term contract workers a year ago, Toyota Motor Corporation, has resumed recruiting new fixed-term contract workers under the pretext of increasing production of eco cars, but has failed to specify contract terms in violation of the Labor Contract Act.


JCP calls for more interpellation time for smaller parties in Upper House
Ban on bureaucratsf involvement in Diet discussions weakens Dietfs role in supervising administrative bodies
Hatoyama delivers his first policy speech
Hatoyama in his policy speech fails to specify how to address key issues
No explanation about his alleged fabrication of political funds report: prime ministerfs policy speech
JCP in Diet will take up public expectations and concerns for new government as well as demands for new direction in politics

No place for U.S. Marines in Japan: Ginowan City mayor
Anpo-Haki calls for new U.S. base construction to be cancelled
U.S. soldier found guilty of hit and run
New government in dealing with U.S. must adhere to Okinawan demand for no new air base - Akahata editorial (excerpts)
Board of Audit says Defense Ministry paid for use of toll roads by U.S. forces
Okada: moving Futenma Base outside Okinawa is not an option
New government leaves esympathy budgetf for stationing of U.S. forces intact
Foreign ministerfs remark draws criticism from Okinawans

Eliminate corruption involving the use of ministry subsidies - Akahata editorial (excerpts)

Court again rules Isuzufs layoff of contingent workers as illegal
Is Toyota again using workers as disposable labor?

Hidankyo makes full use of achievement in Hibakusha lawsuits for relief of A- bomb survivors

Progressive forum calls for strengthening of movement in response to historic change in politics

Japanfs poverty rate of 15.7% is highest level among industrialized countries
Rally held to demand early restoration of additional benefits for single-parent households receiving welfare assistance
Health minister: Abolition of medical care scheme for elderly aged 75 and older will be delayed
Elimination of national standards for day-care centers threatens childrenfs safety

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