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Wage discrimination in JAL constitutes unfair labor practice: labor authority

The Tokyo Labor Relations Commission on November 4 ruled that discrimination in wages and promotions at Japan Airlines (JAL) against members of a particular union is an unfair labor practice and ordered the company to issue apologies and put an end to the discrimination.

The labor authority also recognized that JAL employees in managerial positions have threatened JAL Cabin Crew Union (CCU) members with discrimination against them in considerations for promotions as a means of inducing them to leave the union.

According to a complaint filed by 165 CCU members, their base salaries alone have been 400,000 yen less than other JAL employees receive a year and even skilled or experienced workers have been discriminated against promotions and wages just because they are union members.

CCU President Uchida Taeko said, gFor the purpose of weakening the union, JAL management has discriminated against union members in wages and promotions, undermining cabin attendantsf unity and teamwork essential for safe flights. The company should take the order seriously and immediately end the discrimination.h

- Akahata, November 5, 2009



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