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Shii says itfs time for government to end subservience to the U.S.
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo criticizes  Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio for stating that he will take seriously the conclusion to be reached by the ministerial-level Japan-U.S. working team on the issue of the planned relocation of the U.S. Futenma base to the Henoko district of Nago City in Okinawa.

Government budget screening cuts even things people need
To increase life-related budgets, a large cut in military spending of 5 trillion yen is essential. However, screening team members target minor items such as PR and recruiting activities of the Self-Defense Forces. Major military budget items like expenditures for helicopter aircraft carriers and missile defense-related projects are left untouched.

Corporate internal reserves doubled in 10 years
In the last 10 years, companiesf internal reserves have doubled and reached 428.6 trillion yen, according to a labor think tank. It stresses the need to release these funds reserved with the sacrifice of workers and small- and medium-sized firms in order to strengthen domestic demand.

Finance minister says reconsidering consumption tax hike is an option
JCP Koike criticizes government panelfs cuts in tax spending for harming labor and medical systems
Shii says itfs time for government to end subservience to the U.S.
DPJ cabinet uses secret fund, too
JCP protests DPJ for undemocratic steering of Diet
Government budget screening cuts even things people need - Akahata editorial (excerpts)
Cuts in number of proportional representation seats abuse human rights: Lawyers for freedom
Young researchers say government budget-slashing measures undermine Japanfs future science technologies

Give up new base construction and relocation of Futenma base within Okinawa! - Akahata editorial
Area of U.S. military bases in Japan has doubled since 1980

Corporate internal reserves doubled in 10 years

JCP Kami demands cancellation of FTA negotiations

Japan Gensuikyo secretary general gives speech at IPB

JCP Koike calls for resumption of additional benefits for elderly
Fathers with dependent children also seek child-rearing allowances
Tokyo DPJ accepts closure of 3 metropolitan childrenfs hospitals
JCP Miyamoto urges government to make high schools tuition-free
JCP Koike urges government to extend term of unemployment benefits
Childrenfs deaths in childcare centers rapidly increase since deregulation of standards

Wages paid to wives in family-run businesses should be considered as tax-deductible expense: JCP Daimon

Zenroren celebrates its 20th anniversary
Lawyers and academics set up national group to help establish basic rights of contingent workers

Nagofs anti-base forces join together in support of mayoral candidate

DYLJ holds its 34th Congress

JCP Chair Shii and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang hold talks

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