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Publication and abolition of secret nuclear agreements with the U.S. is imperative for a nuclear-free Japan
A committee established by Foreign Minister Okada Katsuya for a probe into the question of gsecret agreementsh on nuclear weapons with the United States held its first meeting.

JCP chair attends forestry cooperative general assembly for the first time
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo for the first time attended the assembly of the National Federation of Forest Ownersf Cooperative Associations (Zenmoriren).

JCP Central Committee adopts the draft resolution of JCP 25th Congress
The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee at its 10th Plenum adopted the draft resolution of the JCP 25th Congress.

9 university presidents object to budget-screening for science technology
Nobel laureates say cuts in science budget contradict policy to build a technology-oriented Japan
PM Hatoyamafs edunnof stance on his dubious funds cannot be allowed: JCP Koike
Wasteful use of tax money must be cut drastically - Akahata editorial
JCP criticizes DPJ for arbitrarily extending Diet session

Okinawafs local assembly protests against hit-and-run caused by U.S. serviceman
U.S. military personnel in private vehicles should be charged tolls to use expressways

Publication and abolition of secret nuclear agreements with the U.S. is imperative for a nuclear-free Japan - Akahata editorial

Force business sector to achieve a 25% cut in greenhouse gas emissions: JCP Ichida on government
Meguro ward assembly demands removal of plutonium

JCP demands relief for all Minamata-disease victims
Municipalities face shortage of staff for welfare assistance
Bill to help hepatitis patients becomes law
Hidankyo urges Hatoyama to establish fund to relieve A-bomb sufferers
Nearly one million people may be uninsured

Progressive unity forum established in Toyota group
Zenroren marks 20th anniversary of its foundation
Workers fight against major manufacturerfs factory closure

Supreme Court finds flier distributor guilty

JCP chair attends forestry cooperative general meeting for the first time
JCP Chair Shiifs speech at general meeting of forestry cooperative
JCP Central Committee holds its 10th Plenum

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