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Pianist Nakamura Hiroko and others protest cuts in budget for culture

Nakamura Hiroko, pianist, and other persons involved in the world of classical music, protested against the government budget-cutting measures in the field of arts.

Odaka Tadaaki, conductor, Toyama Yuzo, conductor and composer, and other famous Japanese musicians joined together in a press conference on December 7.

On the planned discontinuation of the government program of sending artists to schools, Nakamura stressed, gAlthough art does not directly bring about immediate and tangible economic effects, it helps foster public appreciate of art and culture.h

The Government Revitalization Unit, which assessed the FY2010 budget requests, on November 11 judged that budgets for culture, including the Japan Arts Fund, should be drastically cut.

Saegusa Shigeaki, composer, said, gIf the government aid is cut, local orchestras will be unable to continue. There are tanks and other things that are completely useless and much more expensive, arenft there?h

Fujioka Sachio, conductor, also said, gOther than the state carrying out its proper role, who will carry out the task of cultural education?h

Musicians requested the ruling Democratic Party of Japan to review the planned cut in cultural budgets.

- Akahata, December 8, 2009

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