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2010 JANUARY 13 - JANUARY 19

Shii delivers Central Committee Report
At the opening of the 25th Congress of the Japanese Communist Party on January 13, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo gave the Central Committee Report on the draft Resolution.

Diet must investigate Ozawa scandal
In connection with an allegation about the land purchase of DPJ Secretary General Ozawa Ichirofs fund managing organization, his former and present secretaries were arrested. However, without providing any explanation for the allegation, Ozawa declared his intent to wage a gfull-scale battleh with prosecutors by claiming that he has gclean hands.h

Oil MSDF provided for U.S. forces in Indian Ocean needs to be investigated
JCP Chair Shii on January 15 stated that it is a matter of course for Japan to withdraw from the Indian Ocean the Maritime Self-Defense Force engaged in operations in support of the U.S-led anti-terrorism war.

Key cabinet members say they are in favor of consumption tax increase
Shii calls for struggles in Diet to meet citizensf demand for political change

Large corporations accumulate huge amounts of net profits as einternal reservesf

MSDF vessels withdraw from Indian Ocean
Oil MSDF provided for U.S. forces in Indian Ocean needs to be investigated

Ozawa has displayed extraordinary competence in fundraising - Akahata gCurrenth column
Simultaneous raids on Ozawa and his aide are a warning to DPJ: JCP Shii
DPJ lawmaker arrested in connection with Ozawafs scandal
Diet must investigate Ozawa scandal -Akahata editorial

Break through economic crisis by successful 2010 Spring Labor Offensive - Akahata editorial (excerpts)
Zenroren adopts spring struggle action policy
Ex-social insurance agency workers file claim with national personnel authority demanding revocation of their dismissals

Ehime residents request pluthermal power generation plan be cancelled

Nago mayoral election campaign over new U.S. base kicks off

JCP Chair sends message of sympathy to Haiti
JCP Chair Shii meets with Nicaraguan foreign minister
Shii gives farewell to Chinese ambassador

JCP 25th Congress
JCP holds its 25th Congress
JCP leaders meet with foreign diplomats attending Congress
Shii delivers Central Committee Report
Zenchu representative and local mayor give speech at JCP Congress
Achieve party progress in 2010s: JCP 25th Congress ends


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