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Shii urges Hatoyama to protect peoplefs livelihoods
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo used his question time on behalf of the party at the House of Representatives Plenary Session on February 2 to urge Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio to make a drastic change in his policies on key issues, including money scandals, protection of peoplefs livelihoods, and the U.S. base relocation issue.

Ozawafs 3 aides indicted
Tokyo prosecutors on February 4 indicted three aides of Democratic Party of Japan Secretary General Ozawa Ichiro for violating the Political Funds Control Law with the use of the alleged 400 million yen of funds for land purchase by Rikuzankai, Ozawafs political fund-managing organization, while dropping the case against Ozawa himself.  

The background behind Toyota recall
The massive recall of Toyota Motor Corporation vehicles has shocked the world. Sasaki Shozo, a labor movement researcher, contributed an article to Akahata on February 5 and 6. 

Hatoyamafs answer is same as the former government
Shii urges Hatoyama to protect peoplefs livelihoods
JCP:Government must change policy to one defending lives
DPJ sticks to toll-free expressway plan though controversial
Ichida calls for FTA negotiations to be cancelled
Hatoyama gives some positive responses to Shii

U.S. Marines conduct night fire drills
U.S. Navy is carrying out maintenance of N-powered carrier at Yokosuka
Reparations for U.S. soldierfs arson 8 years ago not made

SDF dispatch to Haiti on PKO mission called into question

The background behind Toyota recall

Ozawafs 3 aides indicted

Workers call for effective use of corporate internal reserves
Union activists urge Toyota to use internal reserves to help revitalize local economy
Shii calls for strict regulation on major firmsf disposable use of workers and subcontractors

Beneficiary-pays principle of nursing insurance law prevents low-income elderly from receiving care: JCP Nihi
Childcare service deregulation reduces quality of meals for children

Gensuikyo sets the goal of 6 million anti-nuclear signatures by mid-March

JCP Ogata talks with Moroccan ambassador

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