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2010 MARCH 3 - MARCH 10

Keidanren stops grading LDP and DPJ policies
The Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) has decided that it will stop grading the policies of the previous ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the present ruling Democratic Party of Japan to help major corporations decide on how much and to which party they make political donations. However, this does not mean that it will give up buying policies.

Discord within DPJ over Futenma base issue
The Democratic Party of Japan is increasing its internaldiscord amid the mounting anger of Okinawans at the DPJ breach of promise not to transfer the base within Okinawa.

50 years of Japan-U.S. Alliance - Illusion of eequalityf - Part III
Many people were aware that the Japan-U.S. military treaty was unequal. Prime Minister Hatoyama Ichiro, grandfather of the current Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio, intended to make the Japan-U.S. relationf equalf by assuming an obligation to use the right to collective defense to prevent enemies from attacking the U.S. territory.

Reformulate budget to drastically change policies - Akahata editorial
Shii gives JCP view of upcoming Upper House Election

Secret pact gives U.S. forces priority use of exercise fields near Mt. Fuji
U.S. Marines use white phosphorus in Hijudai
Low-altitude U.S. flight exercises are not permitted in United States - Akahata editorial
Devices to detect fallout installed at U.S. Yokosuka Base
Futenma base issue
Discord within DPJ over Futenma base issue
3 parties in power come up with differing proposals on U.S. Futenma base
Nago city assembly unanimously opposes relocation of Futenma base to Camp Schwab
JCP Ichida criticizes cabinet memberfs remarks against Nagofs resolution opposing Futenma relocation
Alliance of subordination
50 years of Japan-U.S. Alliance - Illusion of eequalityf - Part III

Large corporations amass 1.1 trillion yen in internal reserves in 9 months
Keidanren stops grading LDP and DPJ policies

JCP Shii talks with Consumersf Co-operatives Union President
Donft drive people to suicide by taking away medical care opportunity! - Akahata eCurrentf column
Koike calls for statefs health insurance budget to be increased
Student unions resolve to fight for cut in tuition fees
Japanese women celebrate 100th anniversary of International Womenfs Day

JCP proposes amendment to the bill to revise Worker Dispatch Law
Workers in Spring Struggle hold day of action demanding wage increase

ePluthermalf power generation plan must be cancelled: JCP chair

Tokyo governorfs close aid tells municipal officials to be like eIsraeli military officersf

JCP Shii talks with new Chinese ambassador to Japan

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