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2010 APRIL 27 - MAY 11

JCP Chair Shii goes to the United States
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo met in New York City with United Nations officials and various countries representatives to the NPT Review Conference, calling for creating a consensus for commencement of international negotiations for the abolition of nuclear weapons. He also visited Washington  D.C. and explained to U.S. State Department officials that the only way to solve the Futenma base issue is to remove the base without any conditions of transfer.

Japanese peace activists submit signatures to the UN
More than 1,500 Japanese grassroots peace activists participated in International Day of Action held on May 2 in New York City on the eve of the NPT Review Conference. They submitted to the United Nations nearly 7 million signatures calling for a world without nuclear weapons.

Hatoyamafs breach of promise arouses anger
Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio visited Okinawa Prefecture to announce the plan to transfer the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station functions to another location in the prefecture as well as to Tokunoshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture. The prime ministerfs breach of public promise in the last general election campaign has aroused anger in Okinawa and met strong opposition from Tokunoshima islanders.

NPT Review Conference
JCP Chair Shii attends 2010 NPT Review Conference
World calls for starting negotiations for the abolition of nuclear weapons: Shii
Japan-U.S. relations
Shii explains to U.S. State Department officials that unconditional removal of Futenma base is the only solution
Shii meets with U.S. Congressmen at Capitol Hill
Japan-U.S. relations in the 21st Century: Shii speaks before U.S. lawyers
City mayor appreciates Shiifs visit to U.S.

International NGOs jointly call for convention to ban nuclear weapons
6.9 million-signs for anti-nuclear weapons submitted to UN
Hibakusha in NY call for abolition of nuclear weapons
Japan Gensuikyo submits signatures to the NPT Review Conference at the UN General Assembly Hall
2010 Peace March for a nuclear weapons free world begins

Hatoyamafs breach of promise arouses anger in Okinawa
Key figure in Tokunoshima refuses to cooperate on Futenma issue
Tokunoshima mayors reject PMfs proposal on Futenma issue
5,000 Kagoshima people oppose U.S. base erelocationf to Tokunoshima
Secret agreement on U.S. rights within bases in Japan revealed
Japan paid 9.4 billion yen in expressway tolls for the U.S. military

Workers in 81st May Day rallies call for Japan without U.S. bases

4,500 people gather in the May 3 Constitution Day Assembly
JCP Ichida on the 63rd anniversary of the Constitution
DPJ, LDP, three new parties, all call for constitutional revision

Citizens panel concludes that Ozawa be indicted

JCP opposes unsafe fast-breeder Monju to restart operation

JCP Ogata meets with Venezuelan vice foreign minister
Shii talks with Malaysian ambassador to Japan

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