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Mothers hold day of action calling for more childcare centers

About 100 mothers with children in Tokyo marched in demonstration to the Diet calling for more childcare centers to be built to reduce the number of children waiting to enter such facilities.

This action was a part of a nationwide day of action organized by the New Japan Womenfs Association (NJWA or Shinfujin) on June 1, International Childrenfs Day.

A 33-year-old mother from Kanagawa Prefecture said, gIfm really in a fix because my 21-month-old son is on the waiting list to enter childcare centers.h

NJWA President Takada Kimiko stated, gIf the government decides to use just half of the so-called esympathy budgetf for the U.S. forces in Japan, which is about 140 billion yen, it will be possible to build a sufficient number of childcare centers for 100,000 children.h

In Osaka, about 70 mothers and children urged the Osaka Prefectural Government to improve childcare services and to raise the eligible age for financial assistance for childrenfs medical treatment from the current maximum age of two years.

- Akahata, June 2, 2010

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