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2010 JULY 21 - JULY 27

DPJ seeks cooperation with Your Party
The Democratic Party of Japan is now exploring the possibility of collaboration with the Your Party to reform the government employee system. The DPJ intends to use this cooperation to enter into discussions regarding a consumption tax hike.

FTA, EPA will destroy what remains of Japan's agriculture
The Democratic Party of Japan-led government under Prime Minister Kan Naoto has a plan to promote a future liberalization of agricultural imports through a free trade agreement and an economic partnership agreement with the Pacific-rim countries. However, if Japan joins in these agreements, rice production in Japan would decline by 90 percent, and the nation's food self-sufficiency rate would drop to 12 percent.

100 years after Japan's annexation of Korea
The coming August marks the centennial anniversary of the annexation of Korea by Japan. Historians in Japan and South Korea claim that the 1910 treaty on the colonization of the Korean Peninsula had no legal grounds and demand that the Japanese government retract its interpretation of considering this treaty as valid.

Opposition parties demand budget committee meeting
DPJ seeks cooperation with Your Party
Kakushinkon holds 30th general meeting
LDP accelerates move to increase consumption tax

50 years of Japan-U.S. Alliance
Mechanism of US privileges - Part II

FTA, EPA will destroy what remains of Japan's agriculture

100 years after Japan's annexation of Korea

40% of public childcare workers are temps
Shortage of 50,000 firefighters
Trade unions call for a better society
Zenroren calls for change away from pro-business system
73% of nurses suffer from prolonged fatigue

Gov't must take responsibility for unexploded ordnance disposal: Akamine

Over 7,000 public schools in danger of collapse during quakes

Ozawa received donations from bid-rigging firms in Iwate

Metropolitan gov't conceals pollution data at fish market site

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