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2010 AUGUST 18 - AUGUST 24

Why do so many Japanese feel uneasy?
Japanese are experiencing financial difficulties in paying for medical and nursing-care services and cannot dispel their anxiety about their future because of the government position of the "beneficiary-pays" principle. What the government should do is guarantee all citizens wholesome and cultured living and secure enough budgets for this purpose.

Don't allow lodging business to profit from poverty!
Japan's public assistance system, which was supposed to exist to ensure the minimum standard of wholesome and cultured living to all citizens, has been used for a business taking advantage of the growing numbers living in poverty. Effective regulations are necessary to prevent businesses from preying on the weak.

One in nine public schoolteachers is a temp
The number of full-time schoolteachers has been declining in contrast to a sharp increase in the number of non-regular teachers. As of 2009, one out of nine teachers in public elementary and junior high schools teaches part time. The government must increase the education budget and promote the hiring of full-time teachers.

A big gap between public funds to political parties and votes they received
Politicians serving insurance industry as order-takers - Akahata editorial (excerpts)

Yokohama City promotes US military to children
JCP calls on Tokyo to cancel US forces' participation in disaster drill

50 years of Japan-U.S. Alliance
Mechanism of US privileges - Part V

Anti-base mayor runs for Okinawa governor race

JCP Dietmember talks with South Korean Dietmembers in Seoul

Scarcity of public workers at labor-related administration
One in nine public schoolteachers is a temp

Don't allow lodging business to profit from poverty! - Akahata editorial (excerpts)
Academy concerned with college students' harsh job seeking efforts
Effective measures needed to solve difficulties finding jobs for new graduates - Akahata editorial (excerpts)
Annual national education assembly ends
Steps to prevent heatstroke deaths needed
Why do so many Japanese feel uneasy?
Residents call for continuation of public medical services

Air raid victims call on government to enact aid law

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