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Isuzu forces workers to work excessively long hours

With the recovery of production, workers at Isuzu Motors Ltd. are working unusually long hours.

At Isuzu Motors Fujisawa Plant (Kanagawa Pref.) and Tochigi Plant (Tochigi Pref.), since March, workers have had to work on weekends and holidays. At the Tochigi Plant, the company resumed the night shift.

The All-Japan Metal and Information Machinery Workersf Union (JMIU) Isuzu Motors Branch points out that between March and June, workers work overtime an average of 76 hours a month, which is close to the government limit set to prevent death from overwork.

Workers protested against this situation, saying, gIsuzu dismisses contingent workers and uses the remaining workers to do double the work. Hire more workers.h

The labor-management agreement made between the company and an Isuzu Motors workers union limits overtime to 200 hours a year.

At a collective bargaining session held in July, JMIU pointed out that Isuzu Motors is in violation of the Labor Standards Law because the total overtime hours since March exceeded the limit set under the labor-management agreement. JMIU called on the company to employ more workers and guarantee workersf safety and health.

Admitting its illegal labor practice, Isuzu said that it will take appropriate measures to improve the situation.

At the end of 2008, Isuzu Motors dismissed 1,400 temporary and fixed-term contract workers before the expiration of their contracts. Four of the dismissed workers formed a JMIU branch. After that, 12 union members filed a lawsuit demanding full-time positions.

- Akahata, August 25, 2010

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