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Poverty increases under DPJ gov't
One year has passed since the DPJ replaced the LDP. A move to implement decent work rules has not yet been put on the agenda. More than three million people are still unemployed. Of them, the number of those who have been without jobs for more than one year reached 1.28 million, an increase of 330,000 from the last year and of 490,000 from the year 2008.

Firm local opposition to base relocation within Okinawa shown by Iha's good fight
In the Okinawa gubernatorial election held on November 28, candidate Iha Yoichi, who has led Okinawans' strong opposition to the relocation of the U.S. Futenmba base within the prefecture, fought a close race with Nakaima Hirokazu, who reversed his previous position approving the base transfer within Okinawa right before the election campaign.

North Korea's unlawful act against Armistice Agreement and bilateral agreements
North Korea made its first attack on South Korean territory since the ceasefire ended the Korean War in 1953. Although an attack on the South by a North Korean special armed unit, an accidental gunfight near their military boundary, and an engagement between warships had taken place, North Korea had never before attacked civilian residential zones in South Korea. It is clearly against the Korean War Armistice Agreement and South-North agreements in which North Korea itself is party to.

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