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 Revised plan for Tokyo Olympic Stadium is still too costly: architect (September 20, 2015)
 To avoid causing unhealthy drinking habits, liquor TV ads will stop using ‘glug’ sounds  (September 18, 2015)
 Commercial operations start at Sendai NPP amid protests (September 11, 2015)
 Evacuation order for radiation-hit Naraha Town lifted, but evacuees hesitant to return home (September 6, 2015)
 Tokyo governor refuses to meet to-be-displaced residents (September 5, 2015)
 JR East's unmanned wicket project disregards the socially disadvantaged (September 4, 2015)
 VJ Day should be reminder to Japan of what it did to Asian countries in WWII (September 3, 2015)
 Dwellers under threat of Olympics-related eviction send request to IOC: we don’t want to move out (September 2, 2015)
 Organizing committee responsible for alleged design theft of Olympic emblem: sports journalist (September 2, 2015)
 Memorial ceremony held for foreign victims of massacre that occurred 92 years ago (September 2, 2015)
 JCP parliamentarian urges Kyushu railway company to eliminate unstaffed stations (September 1, 2015)
 Imabari City decides to stop using war-glorifying textbooks (August 30, 2015)
 Revised Olympic stadium with 155 billion yen price tag still costly (August 29, 2015)
 Pension data leakage reports fall short of easing public distrust[Editorial] (August 26, 2015)
 Operation of problematic Sendai NPP should be stopped without delay (August 22, 2015)
 Corporations lose in SLAPP suit (August 15, 2015)
 New private fund established to support Chinese victims of chemical weapons abandoned by Imperial Japanese Army (August 15, 2015)
 Local union sues city gov’t for suppression of free speech (August 12, 2015)
 Remember lessons learned from JAL jumbo jet crash 30 years ago[Editorial] (August 12, 2015)
 Tokyo JCP to Olympic Minister: Don’t demolish public housing complex to build Olympic stadium (August 5, 2015)
 11,000 women in Mothers’ Congress resolve to scrap war bills (August 2 and 3, 2015)
 Ex-TEPCO executives will be indicted for 2011 Fukushima disaster (August 1, 2015)
 Nagoya City decides not to use rightist textbooks in schools (July 30, 2015)
 Toshiba commits accounting fraud while promoting nuclear power (July 28, 2015)
 Ex-PM Mori is not qualified to organize 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics (July 27, 2015)
 Municipalities near Sendai NPP demand public briefing sessions (July 26, 2015)
 Science Council criticizes gov’t policy to abolish humanities departments (July 24, 2015)
 Dietmembers push for relief measures for non-registered people (July 24, 2015)
 War-glorifying textbooks to be used in Tokyo-run junior high schools (July 24, 2015)
 PM Abe gives up costly Olympic stadium construction plan (July 18, 2015)
 JCP Tamura calls for changing main venue for 2019 Rugby World Cup (July 15, 2015)
 Restarting of Ikata Nuclear Power Plant unjustifiable[Editorial] (July 20, 2015)
 Memorial service for Chinese victims of forced labor held at World Heritage-listed Miike coal mine (July 14, 2015)
 Mayor of nuclear-disaster-hit town criticizes gov’t for ignoring reality of Fukushima (July 11, 2015)
 JCP Nihi pushes for Diet debate on bill to allow dual-surname system (July 10, 2015)
 Sports minister fails to come up with sufficient financial resources to build Olympic stadium (July 10, 2015)
 LGBT group files legal request for legalization of same-sex marriages (July 8, 2015)
 Okinawa to enact ordinance to regulate transport of landfill materials from outside prefecture (July 8, 2015)
 Okinawa’s Nago City starts research for buried cultural properties on US base (July 8, 2015)
 Japan’s new World Heritage sites attract unexpected international attention to its era of colonialism (July 8, 2015)
 Historical facts testify civilian ships in ‘rear area support’ targeted for attack during Pacific War (July 5, 2015)
 Tokyo metropolitan assembly member guilty of sexist jeering returns to LDP group (July 1 and 2, 2015)
 Cultural property found at construction site of new US base in Henoko (July 1, 2015)
 Court acknowledges man’s suicide as 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster-related (July 1, 2015)
 The proposed 252-billion-yen Olympic stadium is too costly (June 30, 2015)
 UN experts: TPP will have adverse impact on human rights (June 26, 2015)
 Public junior high school invites students for SDF’s live-fire drill (June 25 & 26, 2015)
 City sued for arbitrary refusal to publish ‘haiku’ on Article 9 (June 26, 2015)
 Tokyo residents petition governor not to demolish public housing for 2020 Olympics (June 23, 2015)
 50 years after normalization of relations with S. Korea, Japan needs to make more efforts to form true friendship[Editorial] (June 22, 2015)

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