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List of Past issues

 Protest against sexual violence take place in 10 locations nationwide (June 12, 2019)
 Goodbye to required wearing of high-heeled shoes (June 12, 2019)
 JCP Tamura to gov’t: Ensure children with health problems access to medical care (June 12, 2019)
 Families with children with chronic health conditions need more short-stay facilities (June 9, 2019)
 Citizens and suprapartisan lawmakers team up to achieve dual-surname system (June 7, 2019)
 Rally held to press government to ratify Optional Protocol to CEDAW (June 5, 2019)
 Opposition parties submit marriage equality bill to Lower House (June 4, 2019)
 Majority of dementia patients’ families dissatisfied with public nursing-care insurance program (May 31, 2019)
 One in four foreign detainees placed in confinement for more than 18 months (May 30, 2019)
 Court rules forced sterilization unconstitutional but dismisses victims' claim for damages (May 29, 2019)
 NHK’s excessive coverage of Trump’s visit to Japan (May 28, 2019)
 Japan should squarely tackle plastic waste issue[Editorial] (May 23, 2019)
 Planned construction of biomass power plant to burn imported palm oil under fire (May 21, 2019)
 Farmers hold protest to urge Monsanto to stop selling controversial Roundup weed killer (May 19, 2019)
 Japan bar association in rally calls for new law declaring public assistance to be people’s right (May 17, 2019)
 Sex crime victims demand that sex without consent be punished as crime (May 14, 2019)
 Teachers’ unions survey reveals exposure of high school students to unjust practices in job-hunting activities (May 11, 2019)
 Foreign Minister expresses his intention to review overseas aid to coal-fired power station projects (May 10, 2019)
 Gov’t should ensure parents access to quality childcare service[Editorial] (May 9, 2019)
 10% of company-led childcare centers withdrew from nursery business after receiving state subsidies (May 9, 2019)
 JCP inspects schools accepting foreign children (May 8, 2019)
 Children’s Day reminds gov’t of its responsibility to promote value of UN Convention on Rights of Child[Editorial] (May 5, 2019)
 Japan should move toward international ban on AI weapons[Editorial] (April 30, 2019)
 Gov't will provide small one-off payment to forced sterilization victims (April 25, 2019)
 Japanese and S. Korean lawyers jointly hold symposium on wartime forced labor issue (April 21, 2019)
 2020 Olympic competition schedule criticized as ‘US TV stations-first’ prioritization (April 18, 2019)
 JCP Miyamoto criticizes gov't for setting new flight route favoring airliners from North America while ignoring local concerns (April 14, 2019)
 349K households in arrears with national health insurance premiums had their assets seized in 2017 (April 14, 2019)
 Indonesian farmers opposing coal-fired power plant project ask for JCP assistance (April 11&13, 2019)
 Costly nuclear energy losing international competitiveness (April 12, 2019)
 Ex-professor singles out moneygrubbing ex-president for missing foreign students (April 11, 2019)
 Government should apologize for its horrendous Ainu policies: JCP Shiokawa (April 11, 2019)
 Kyoto City gives SDF recruiters young people's personal data without their consent (April 9, 2019)
 Falsely-charged victims hold rally calling for improvement in law pertaining to retrial request procedure (April 3, 2019)
 What are ‘gengo (era names)’ anyway? (April 2, 2019)
 University founder exploiting foreign students donates money to Abe Cabinet member (April 1, 2019)
  JCP Inoue urges government to review ODA-funded agriculture development program in Mozambique (April 1, 2019)
 Local residents in Kyoto overwhelmed by excessive catering to tourism industry (March 29, 2019)
 Matsuyama court: State and TEPCO neglect to take measures to protect Fukushima NPP from tsunami damage (March 27, 2019)
 Tokyo court drops claim of plaintiffs seeking dual surnames (March 26, 2019)
 Civil group demands NHK news programs become independent of government influence (March 23, 2019)
 Environmental NGOs demand immediate halt to Henoko base project and conduct search of remaining dugong (March 21, 2019)
 Henoko dugong found dead (March 20, 2019)
 Departing JOC chief should disclose all about money scandal concerning Tokyo’s bid to host 2020 Olympics [Editorial] (March 20, 2019)
 Public subsidy for expensive hearing aids needed (March 18, 2019)
 Astronomy community issues statement resolving to refrain from engaging in military-related research (March 18, 2019)
 Turning ambulance back, immigration center refuses to carry detainee to hospital (March 14, 2019)
 75% of general public recognize reconstruction from Fukushima nuclear disaster as insufficient (March 9 and 12, 2019)
 ATMs in pachinko parlors will be removed to conform with anti-addiction regulation (March 12, 2019)
 Government should end its disregard of civilian victims of air raids during war [Editorial] (March 10, 2019)

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