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List of Past issues

 Welfare Ministry intends to make childcare centers accept children beyond their capacity (March 29, 2016)
 35,000 people take part in ‘No Nukes Day’ action (March 27, 2016)
 Ikata No.1 reactor to be decommissioned (March 26, 2016)
 Ex-Osaka Mayor Hashimoto’s survey of workers’ beliefs and affiliations is unconstitutional: high court (March 26, 2016)
 63 people died due to delays in seeking treatment at hospitals because of poverty (March 23, 2016)
 Rally for better scholarship program joined by both opposition and ruling party lawmakers (March 23, 2016)
 Aichi police considers people having private talk to be possible terrorists (March 19, 2016)
 Newly-authorized schoolbooks colored by far-right Abe regime (March 19, 2016)
 Court rejects state compensation claims filed by Okinawa Battle victims (March 17, 2016)
 City’s plan to close all public childcare centers provokes fierce backlash from public (March 17, 2016)
 Preserve Japanese public bathing culture: JCP Tokyo (March 16, 2016)
 Working for Japan free from N-reactors, many rallies held on 5th year of Fukushima disaster (March 13 & 14, 2016)
 Build more public facilities and raise care workers’ wages to achieve ‘zero’ waiting list to enter childcare centers (March 13, 2016)
 Hibakusha demand court injunction against planned restart of Ikata NPP (March 12, 2016)
 Evacuees’ living conditions worsen 5 years after 3/11 disaster (March 11, 2016)
 Women’s NGOs urge gov’t to implement recommendation by UN panel on elimination of gender discrimination (March 9 & 11, 2016 )
 District court issues order stopping operations of Takahama NPP (March 10, 2016)
 Fukushima evacuees request continuation of housing aid (March 10, 2016)
 Participants in International Women’s Day rally resolve to put an end to Abe politics through elections (March 8&9, 2016)
 Shii: Gov’t policy dependent on nuclear energy comes to dead end (March 7, 2016)
 32K Fukushima workers exposed to radiation exceeding standards for work-related leukemia recognition (March 7, 2016)
 Faults under Shika NPP most likely active: NRA expert team (March 4, 2016)
 Violence in university judo team goes against very nature of judo (March 4, 2016)
 Citizens protest against string of troubles with restarted nuclear reactor (March 3, 2016)
 Top court pardons liability of relatives of a man with dementia hit by train (March 2, 2016)
 Gov’t should drastically increase cultural budget to ensure people can enjoy art (March 2, 2016)
 Ex-TEPCO executives indicted for Fukushima nuclear meltdown (March 1, 2016)
 Citizens voice anxieties about health damage from uranium dug up by maglev railway construction (February 28, 2016)
 Residents near Takahama NPP need 7.5 hours to escape from nuclear accident (February 28, 2016)
 Citizens’ groups hold rally to oppose Japan-India nuclear energy deal (February 27, 2016)
 Murder of elderly requiring nursing care caused by poor social policy: expert (February 26, 2016)
 NRA okays use of 40-year-old reactors at Takahama NPP (February 25, 2016)
 Young people in Japan are struggling with repayment of so-called ‘scholarship’ loans (February 23, 2016)
 Families of ex-Hansen disease patients in court call for society free from discrimination and prejudice (February 19, 2016)
 UN women’s rights committee criticizes Japan for trying to deny forcible recruitment of ‘comfort women’ (February 18, 2016)
 Plaintiffs seeking damages for Fukushima disaster form national network (February 14, 2016)
 Nagano Prefecture expands its scholarship program for university students (February 13, 2016)
 Mythical founding of the country gives slanted understanding of history[Editorial] (February 11, 2016)
 Environment Ministry gives approval to construction of more coal-fired power stations (February 10, 2016)
 Civic network launched to oppose ‘merchants of death’ (February 8, 2016)
 Amount of Japan’s plutonium stockpile keeps increasing (February 6, 2016)
 Civil groups working to help and support sexual assault victims hold rally to discuss necessary legal framework (February 4, 2016)
 Visually impaired persons call on Transport Ministry to improve safety at train stations (February 2, 2016)
 Nobel laureate Omura opposes plan to close evening high school classes in Tokyo (January 31, 2016)
 Reactivation of Takahama NPP sparks protest actions around country (January 30, 2016)
 Referendum bill on Ikata NPP rejected in local city (January 29, 2016)
 Head of workers’ alpine federation talks about Japanese mountaineering federation involvement in past wars (January 28, 2016)
 PM Abe should apologize to us directly: ex-‘comfort women’ (January 27, 2016)
 News media should not tone down criticism of Abe gov’t: critic (January 24, 2016)
 JCP Dietmembers survey gov’t compliance in monitoring of bus companies (January 22, 2016)

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