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2019 January 16 - 22 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Higher education costs parents at least \1.2million just to enroll their children in universities

January 21, 2019
The average cost of university admission, including entrance exam fees and first-year tuition, was more than 1.26 million yen for students who commute a public humanities university from home and more than 3.15 million yen for students who live away from home to go to a private medicine, dentistry, or pharmaceutical sciences university, according to a university co-op survey.

With the cooperation of 129 university co-ops throughout Japan, the National Federation of University Co-operatives Associations (NFUCA) in April and May last year surveyed parents whose children entered university or college in 2018.

Many parents answered that whether they were "public or private institutions" significantly mattered in choosing which entrance exams their children were to take (56.0%) followed by "university location" (52.5%).

The survey results suggest that the cost of advancing their children to higher education was a very heavy burden on most households, and that many guardians struggled to come up with enough money for their children to go to university.

The NFUCA pointed out that many households are worried about the economic impact of university expenses and the amount of money necessary for their children to leave home to go to the university.

Horiuchi Kumi, an NFUCA PR person, said, "People should know what and how much guardians have to pay in addition to tuition fees. In Japan, basically, it is left to households to come up with the money. From a very early age of their children, the parents have to save a lot of money to ensure their children's future. This is a heavy burden."

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