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2019 July 10 - 16 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

JCP Tamura on web TV debate calls for gender equality

July 10, 2019
Japanese Communist Party Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko (Upper House) on July 8 appeared on an online TV program to discuss with Dietmembers of other political parties the theme of gender equality. She stressed the need for "equal pay for equal work" irrespective of gender.

This event took place as a collaboration between Twitter Japan and web TV station AbemaTV.

Tamura in the debate said, "I am a generation of the 1985 Equal Employment Opportunity Act. At that time, it was said that the average wage for female workers was only half of male workers' wages. Today, women still earn 53% of men's wages. We must reflect on the gross negligence during these 30 years."

Tamura, in support of the implementation of a selective separate surname system for married couples, said, "The government shouldn't impose a particular family style on people. I heard that in France, the French government's official recognition of diverse family and/or marriage forms was one factor in stemming the declining birthrate."

Concerning gender in equality in the number of lawmakers between women and men, she said, "For example, 70% of JCP Tokyo metropolitan assemblypersons and 55% of JCP candidates for the July 21 Upper House election are women," adding, "Each political party should fulfill its responsibility in dealing with this issue."

Liberal Democratic Party female legislator Matsushima Midori (Lower House) said, "But, not so many women want to enter politics." Tamura in response said, "It may be because your party doesn't have policies that are appealing to women."

Tamura stated, "A society where diverse lifestyles and the abilities of every individual are accepted can strengthen the economy as a consequence. Measures to ensure incomes for both women and men to be able to live decently with an 8-hour work day are essential."

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