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Voluntary evacuees to be included in compensation for Fukushima accident

June 1, 2011
Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano Yukio gave a nod to the possibility of including people who are voluntarily evacuated from their homes outside a 30km-zone from the Fukushima Daiichi station to be eligible for compensation from the ongoing nuclear crisis.

This positive reaction came due to the proposal made by Japanese Communist Party representative Takahashi Chizuko at the May 31 House of Representatives special committee meeting on the recovery from the March 11 disaster.

Takahashi pointed out the fact that on March 15, the government gave orders to residents near the plant to remain indoors or to evacuate without providing necessary information regarding radioactivity levels. She said that frightened by the government orders, the residents who live outside the 30km-zone fled to areas further away.

Takahashi criticized the government’s standard for temporary payments of compensation based on the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages as unfair because it provides recompense only to people whose houses are within the 30km-zone from the plant. She said, “Making amends to voluntary evacuees is Fukushima residents’ strong demand.”

Takahashi also emphasized the need to establish a special law regarding post-nuclear accident recovery because a project to rehabilitate regions affected by the nuclear accident requires specific measures to provide nuclear crisis victims long-term livelihood and medical support, including regular health check-ups and removal of radiation-contaminated soil.

Referring to the government’s disorganized response to the meltdown of Nos. 1, 2 and 3 reactors and maximum limits for exposure to radiation of children in Fukushima, Takahashi said, “Fukushima citizens cannot believe the government pronouncements.”

Prime Minister Kan Naoto replied, “It’s true that the government made contradictory announcements and many corrections as you pointed out. As the prime minister, I seriously reflect on that fact and apologize for our confused response.”
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