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2014 July 2 - 8 [POLITICS]

Parents of SDF personnel oppose Abe’s decision on collective self-defense right

July 3, 2014
Family members of personnel of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are raising voices of fear and opposition in regard to the July 1 Cabinet decision to lift the ban on the use of the right to collective self-defense.

Furusato Akihiko, vice president of the Saga prefectural federation of Fukeikai (nationwide parents’ association for SDF personnel), publicly expressed his opposition to the prime minister’s decision to legalize the controversial right.

Fukeikai consists of family members of SDF personnel around the country and its membership stands at around 90,000.

Furusato’s son is serving in the Maritime SDF. Furusato himself also served as a member of the SDF and now engages in recruiting activities for the SDF following his retirement from the SDF.

From April to June, Furusato took part in meetings of five local Fukeikais to give a speech. In each gathering, he stated that Japan’s exercise of the collective self-defense right should not be allowed under the Constitution.

A female participant at one of the meetings expressed her opposition the use of the collective self-defense right and said that she does not want her child to go to war abroad, according to Furusato.

Furusato said to an Akahata reporter that it is unacceptable to change the Constitution through new interpretations.

Furusato also voiced concern that if the SDF personnel go to battlefields abroad wearing camouflaged combat uniforms, they may come under attack.

He can understand if his son is assigned to missions of disaster relief or defense of Japanese territory, however, he does not want to see his son leaving for battlefields overseas, Furusato added.
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