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Ministry prints 5 million copies of pamphlet for pro-constitutional revision public relations ploy

The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry produced 5 million copies of a pamphlet for the purpose of "helping the public understand the law to hold a referendum as part of the procedures to revise the Constitution." Local governments began distributing the pamphlet in April. This is the ministry's first publicity ploy aimed at revising the Constitution.

The ministry took this action as the Constitution Research Councils established in both houses of the Diet are still without rules or even have members appointed.

The pamphlet contains an explanation of how the Constitution would be revised and explains in bold red letters that a revised Constitution can be promulgated if a simple majority vote in a referendum is in favor of the revision.

The adjective law on procedures for constitutional revision will take effect a year later. The ministry has earmarked 4.7 billion yen in FY 2009 for preparing the system needed to accomplish this. More publicity actions will also be taken.

- Akahata, April 2, 2009

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