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JCP Sasaki calls for full disclosure of Hatoyama and Ozawa allegations

At the January 19 House of Councilors Plenary Session, Japanese Communist Party representative Sasaki Kensho demanded full disclosure of plutocratic allegations involving Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio and Democratic Party of Japan Secretary General Ozawa Ichiro.

Sasaki criticized the prime minister for failing to make clear how he had used the 1.58 billion yen of his funds, which includes 1.2 billion yen he had received from his mother, urging him to release all related information.

Hatoyama repeatedly said that there had been no improper use of the funds, refusing to disclose how the money had actually been used.

Concerning the alleged 400 million yen land purchase by Ozawafs fund management body, Sasaki said, gThe major issue is determining the source of the 400 million yen. It might have included donations from construction companies.h

Asked by the JCP representative for the reason he believes in Ozawafs innocence, the prime minister answered it is because the secretary general is his colleague.

Pointing out that the root cause of the issue is the Liberal Democratic Partyfs plutocratic policies, Sasaki called for a ban on corporate and organizational political donations. Hatoyama responded that the DPJ is now considering amendments to the law.

- Akahata, January 20, 2010

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