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JCP Ichida says Ozawa must tell truth in Diet

Asked by reporters to comment on the questioning of Ozawa Ichiro, Democratic Party of Japan Secretary General, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi said, gIn the history of post-war Japanese politics, it is unprecedented that prosecutors questioned the present ruling partyfs secretary general.h

His involvement in submitting a false statement on his political funds reports and whether or not the 400 million yen of funds for land purchase includes illegal political donations from general contractor construction companies such as Mizutani Construction are called into question, Ichida said.

Ichida emphasized the need for a thorough investigation by legal authorities and for summoning Ozawa to the Diet in order to urge him to take political and moral responsibility to tell the truth concerning the allegation before the public.

Regarding Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukofs responsibility, Ichida criticized, gIt is outrageous that Hatoyama told Ozawa, ePlease fight back,f or, about Ozawafs former secretaryfs arrest, Hatoyama said, eI hope he will not be indicted.f Not only about Ozawafs allegation, but also about Hatoyamafs own allegation regarding illegal reporting of funds, they and the DPJ should disclose all information by exerting their self-cleansing ability.h

Stating that money politics problems are always associated with corporate and organizational donations that all political parties, except the JCP, have accepted for a long time, Ichida said, gThe JCP will do its utmost to prohibit corporate and organizational donations to political parties and abolish the system of government subsidies to political parties.h

- Akahata, January 24, 2010

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