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3 parties in power come up with differing proposals on U.S. Futenma base

The Social Democratic Party is proposing that the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City be moved out of Okinawa to other areas in Japan or to Guam, while the Peoplefs New Party is proposing that the U.S. Futenma base be integrated with U.S. Camp Schwab in Nago City or with the U.S. Kadena Air Base in Kadena Town.

These two parties are coalition partners of the Democratic Party of Japan. The largest party in the ruling coalition, the DPJ is, in contrast, pushing ahead with the plan to construct a new U.S. base at U.S. Camp Schwab in violation of the DPJ election manifesto.

The government explained that with these proposals in mind it will decide on a site as replacement for the U.S. Futenma base sometime in March.

- Akahata, March 9, 2010


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