The Association for Peace, Democracy and Progressive Change of Politics (Kakushinkon) was formed at the call of the JCP in 1980 for the purpose of promoting solidarity with a wide range of people, regardless of political or ideological differences, to achieve the common objectives of peace, democracy, and better living standards.

Kakushinkon is increasing cooperation between nonpartisan people and the JCP and developing as a movement for building a progressive majority that supports a democratic change in politics.

Many public figures are collaborating with Kakushinkon and contributing to heightening public awareness.

Kobe 6 and 9 Action
Started in 1966, the Kobe Port Gensuikyo conduct a campaign on the 6th and 9th of every month, the days of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, in downtown Kobe.

Kobe Christmas Rally
After WWII, the U.S. forces occupied Kobe Port. The port was used as a supply base for the Korean War and Vietnam War. When Christmas came, downtown Kobe was full of U.S. soldiers. Crimes such as assaults on Kobe citizens, weapons smugglings, and the use of illegal drugs occurred frequently. To regain a quiet Christmas, harbor workers and citizens of Kobe launched a special action on Christmas Day. The "Christmas Rally" developed into a struggle that removed the U.S. base from Kobe.

Kobe Formula
the "Nuclear-free Kobe Formula" blocks the entry of nuclear-armed warships into the port.