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2019 December 25 - 2020 January 14 TOP3 [JCP]

Make 2020 a year of opening path to replace Abe government: Shii in New Year assembly

January 5, 2020

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on January 4 delivered a New Year’s speech at the JCP head office and emphasized the importance of building a stronger and bigger party and achieving a major JCP advance in elections in order to forge ahead with the replacement of the Abe government with a coalition government of opposition parties.

In addition, Shii called on all party members to work hard to achieve the success of the 28th Party Congress scheduled for January 14 and the goals set in the ongoing party-building campaign.

Regarding the party-building drive which was launched in September 2019, Shii reported that four months after the campaign started, the party welcomed 2,392 new members and 10,646 new Akahata subscribers.

Looking back at 2019, Shii said that in 2019, collaboration between opposition parties and concerned citizens made a considerable progress.

Referring to the joint struggles in single-seat constituencies in the Upper House election and in three gubernatorial elections in Iwate, Saitama, and Kochi, Shii said that the opposition parties-citizens alliance stepped into the next stage characterized by mutual support. He added that this move led to an epoch-making development in opposition parties’ united efforts in the Diet, particularly in investigations into the “cherry blossom-viewing party” scandal.

Furthermore, Shii pointed out that a change in government has become a major focal point of the anti-Abe opposition parties’ collaboration. Shii cited his meetings with leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, the Democratic Party for the People, the Social Democratic Party, and the “Reiwa Shinsengumi” Party. He said that in a series of talks, the JCP and fellow opposition parties confirmed that they share the same view that it is necessary to put an end to the Abe government so as to restore constitutionalism, democracy, and pacifism based on the Constitution and establish a government that works to eliminate inequalities and implement people-oriented policies that respect greater diversity and individual dignity.

Shii said, “In preparation for the next general election, we need to utilize our combined wisdom and power to present to the general public the proposed policies of a coalition government so that voters can chose an alternative to the Abe government. We should work even harder to win a victory in the general election.”

Saying that in 2019, the death knell of the Abe regime was sounded, Shii brought forward evidence which includes corruption scandals regarding the “cherry blossom-viewing party” and the promotion of casinos, the economic downturn due to the consumption tax increase to 10%, financial deterioration due to wasteful spending under the name of dealing with the negative impact of the heavier consumption tax burdens, and a surveil attitude toward the U.S., China, and Russia.

Shii said that we need to unite and make utmost efforts to strengthen grass-roots struggles against the Abe government in various fields and make the year 2020 a year of putting a full stop to the Abe government and creating a government that can give people hope.

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