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2020 January 15 - 21 [POLITICS]

CDPJ Azumi: We can hold good discussions with JCP on formation of coalition gov't

January 15, 2020
A Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan representative told the press about his impression about the Japanese Communist Party 28th Congress after attending the Congress as a guest on January 14.

CDPJ Diet Affairs Committee Chair Azumi Jun noted that he received a warm welcome and recollected that when he first took part in the JCP Congress three years ago, he was very nervous. He went on to say that as his party and the JCP worked together in various elections over the last three years, he felt more comfortable this time. Azumi said, “Given the presence of Democratic Party for the People Secretary General Hirano here, I think there was a sense of unity.”

Asked by the press why he decided to take part in the Congress, Azumi said that as the next House of Representatives election will be held within one and a half years, it is necessary to improve cooperation between the CDPJ and the JCP from a realistic point of view. He added, “Overcoming differences, the two parties need to reach a consensus on what roles the JCP will play in forming a coalition government of opposition parties in preparation for the next general election. I attended the JCP Congress as a starting point for a discussion on this issue.”

Citing that the JCP does not insist that a coalition government should adopt the JCP’s national security and foreign policies, Azumi emphasized that the CDPJ can hold good discussions with the JCP and added, “The important thing is to explain to the general public in concrete terms our plan for a new government and to run joint opposition candidates against candidates backed by the ruling block of the Liberal Democratic and Komei parties in all constituencies across the country.”

Azumi stressed, “Voters are watching to see whether the two parties can take a mature and sensible attitude and work together to form and manage a coalition government by setting aside differences.” Noting that the JCP expresses its intent to not bring JCP’s unique ideas into a coalition government, Azumi said that the JCP seems to be ready to assume such an attitude. He went on to say, “I hope that the JCP will make efforts to remove negative labels attached to it and that we will be able to work out a practical common policy platform.”
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