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2020 January 15 - 21 [JCP]

28th Congress discussions continue

January 17, 2020
Discussions on the proposed revision to the Japanese Communist Party Program and on the two draft resolutions for the JCP 28th Congress continued on January 16. Noteworthy was the fact that younger generations participated in the discussions as delegates of their communities. Guests from five democratic organizations gave speeches in solidarity.

Also, a professor emeritus of Okayama University, Komatsu Yasunobu who recently published his new book "Manifesto of Joining Communist Party" (Shin Nihon Shuppan) following the other one "Secret Manifesto of Communist Party", appeared as another guest speaker.

The on-site bookstore in a hall lobby held Komatsu's signing event, and JCP member of the House of Councilors Inoue Satoshi became an off-the-cuff vendor luring people into lining up for Komatsu's autograph. In two and a half hours, about 100 copies of the new book were sold.

Copies of the comics "Marx & Engels" (Koubunken) which were displayed were instantly sold out. The "New Edition Das Kapital" (Shin Nihon Shuppan) was also a good seller.

"I'm very happy to get Mr. Fuwa's autograph because it's difficult to even buy books of the JCP in my hometown of Tanegashima Island," said a woman. She was waiting in the line of the signing event of Fuwa Tetsuzo, director of the JCP-affiliated Social Sciences Institute, for his new book "Marx, Explore the Evolution of Dialectic Viewpoint" (Shin Nihon Shuppan). This woman said it took her more than one day to reach the Congress hall after taking a high-speed ferry from Tanagashima Island and a flight to the venue.

Tatsumi Kotaro, former member of the House of Councilors, was there selling his book, chatting happily with those who bought or were about to buy the book, and Miyamoto Takeshi, former member of the House of Representatives, was helping Tatsumi by attracting potential buyers.
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