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2022 June 15 - 21 [POLITICS]

Shii speaks about JCP view on sustainable economic development at ‘Reiwa Rincho’ inauguration

June 20, 2022
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on June 19 attended the inauguration of an ad hoc council named Reinventing Infrastructure of Wisdom and Action (Reiwa Rincho) which consists of business leaders and academic experts and aims to propose solutions to problems Japan is facing. He spoke about the party’s view on the economic situation and answered questions from council members.

Explaining the JCP policy regarding ways to reduce people’s hardships such as the serious negative impacts associated with the current price surge, Shii stressed that the JCP will work to put an end to the Bank of Japan’s different dimension monetary easing policy and realize an economic policy which gives the highest priority to improving the sustainability of the real economy.

In response to questions about the JCP’s view regarding the need for a sustainable Japan, Shii pointed out that over three decades of neoliberal policies have weakened the Japanese economy and hampered Japan’s sustainable development. He continued to point out that Japan fell to the 34th rank in the world from first place in terms of global competitiveness. He said, “Under the economy disregarding the needs of the general populace, it is difficult for Japan to maintain sustainable growth and become internationally competitive.”

Shii stressed, “When I talk about how to improve Japan’s competitiveness, some may be surprised. However, the JCP acknowledges that sound economic competitiveness is necessary for the Japanese economy.” He added, “An economy centering on the general public is a genuinely strong economy which guarantees Japan a sustainable development with sound competitiveness.”
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