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2023 June 21 - 27 [JCP]

JCP 8th CC Plenum held

June 26, 2023
The Japanese Communist Party held its 8th Central Committee Plenum on June 24-25 at the JCP head office in Tokyo with 181 CC members and 27 alternate CC members participating.

Chair Shii Kazuo on behalf of the Executive Committee delivered a report.

Shii first talked about the results of and the lessons from the 2023 nationwide simultaneous local elections which took place in April. He said that what is important is to analyze the election results from the viewpoint of "dialectical discussions of political conflicts". Regarding the lessons, he said that the election outcomes indicated that the present party strength is not enough. On the other hand, he said, the party experienced a development of new style election campaign activities using social media, which should be utilized in future elections.

Shii then explained the JCP’s stance toward the next general election. He called on JCP members to work hard to create movements to press the Kishida administration to call a snap election, and said, “Let’s achieve a major advance in the election!”

Stating that the next general election will have historical significance, Shii said that in order to achieve victories in the election, it is necessary for party members to actively tell voters about the JCP Program which aims to fundamentally correct political distortions largely due to subservience to the U.S. government and Japanese business circles. He stressed the need to increase the number of confident JCP supporters who are not frightened by unjust attacks on the JCP. He explained that the top-priority task in the next general election is to win a JCP victory in the proportional representation blocks, urging party members to work hard to achieve this.

Shii proposed a major organizational buildup campaign aimed at achieving the success of the 29th JCP Congress and a JCP advance in the next general election. He said that the campaign also aims to increase the number of young JCP activists. In this regard, Shii proposed a special resolution calling for efforts that help build a larger Democratic Youth League of Japan with tens of thousands of members. The proposed resolution also seeks to welcome 10,000 young people into the JCP.

Following discussions on the Executive Committee report and the proposed special resolution in which 60 members participated, Shii made the concluding remarks.

The Plenum ended after the Executive Committee report, the concluding statement, and the special resolution were unanimously adopted.

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