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2023 November 1 - 7 [JCP]

Koike attends Japan Medical Association ceremony

November 2, 2023

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira on November 1 attended a social-gathering held in Tokyo to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Japan Medical Association (JMA).

Koike delivered a speech in greeting and said, “State remunerations for medical treatment, nursing-care services, and welfare services for persons with disabilities will be revised next year. The Finance Ministry is calling for cuts in remuneration payments. However, amid the rising cost of food and utilities, the need is an increase in the payments of remuneration and an improvement in medical and care workers’ working conditions.”

Koike also said, “An increase in wages for nine million medical and care workers will lead to overall wage hikes in Japan and will stimulate the overall economy. I will do my best to work with others, regardless of political affiliation, to help increase their wages.”

He had friendly conversations with JMA President Matsumoto Kichiro, JMA executives, and local medical associations’ chairpersons.

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