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2023 November 8 - 14 [JCP]

JCP holds 10th CC Plenum to discuss agenda for 29th Congress

November 14, 2023
The Japanese Communist Party held its 10th Central Committee Plenum for two days from November 13 at the JCP head office in Tokyo to discuss items to be included on the agenda for the 29th Congress (slated from January 15 to January 18, 2024).

The draft resolution, which consists of five chapters, of the Congress was put forth.

Chair Shii Kazuo, in the opening speech on behalf of the Executive Committee, said that whether the 29th Congress will become a historic congress depends on the “major campaign for organizational buildup and generational succession” in the coming two months leading up to the 29th Congress.

Shii noted that all party members’ hard work has led to development of interactive and flexible party activities and an increase in awareness of the need to make determined efforts to achieve generational succession. He said that this provides a foothold for the promotion of the major two-month drive, and called on party members to work to achieve the goals of the major drive in preparation for the Congress.

Shii said that as the major organizational drive is now in progress, a third of the draft 29th Congress resolution chapter regarding party building contains unfinished sections. He added that this chapter will be enriched based on the achievements and results of the major drive.

Stating that the success of the 29th Congress hinges on the outcomes of the ongoing major campaign, Shii said, “Let’s work hard for the success of the Congress.”

JCP Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko presented the draft resolution which is organized into five main chapters, and outlined the draft chapter by chapter.

The followings are each chapter’s working title:

Chapter One: International situation and the vitality of the revised JCP Party Program;
Chapter Two: JCP’s tasks and deadlock in Liberal Democratic Party-style politics;
Chapter Three: Party building - achievements and the future policy;
Chapter Four: Scientific socialism and contradictions in global capitalism; and
Chapter Five: Let us learn from the 100-year history of the JCP and anticipate major advances in the next 100 years

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