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2024 April 3 - 9 [JCP]

JCP Central Committee holds 2nd Plenum

April 8, 2024

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee on April 6 and April 7 held its 2nd Plenum at the JCP head office with the attendance of 182 CC members and 24 alternate CC members.

JCP Central Committee Chair Shii Kazuo gave the opening remarks.

Shii proposed that an agenda of the Plenum be proposal, discussion, and approval on “a letter entitled ‘A Historical Shift from Backward to Forward in Party Building’ to all JCP branches and groups.” He said that the JCP 29th Congress (held mid-January) fully clarified how to perceive and what to do to deal with both the domestic and international situations. Since thorough implementation of the 29th Congress resolutions remains to be the top priority, he proposed that the “letter” be the only document to be distributed throughout the party.

JCP Executive Committee Chair Tamura Tomoko gave the EC report.

Tamura said that the most important task proposed at the 29th Congress is “to achieve a historic shift in party building from backward to progress by the next congress.” She emphasized that the greatest guarantee of getting this task done will be for all JCP branches and groups to embark on party-building efforts according to their circumstances. In order to do so, she added that great developments in “interactive and circular” activities should be necessary.

At the Plenum, 54 members participated in the discussion. They refined the contents of the EC report, and expressed their determination to strive to materialize and put into practice the contents of the EC report.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, JCP EC Chair Tamura concluded the discussion.

The 2nd CC Plenum unanimously adopted the “letter,” the proposal report by EC Chair Tamura, and the concluding remarks.

The 2nd CC Plenum closed with a pledge to discuss the “letter” in all JCP branches and groups and to fulfill the 2-year goal set by the 29th Congress.

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