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2011 March 30 - April 5 [ELECTION]

Your Party spreads groundless rumor

April 3, 2011
Your Party Secretary General Eda Kenji on April 2 spread a false rumor in a speech in Yokohama City, insinuating that the Japanese Communist Party opposed a bill proposed by the Your Party calling for a delay in the nationwide local elections.

Making this baseless statement in the middle of the election campaign shows that the party proposed the bill just to play to the gallery to gain votes.

Eda cowardly attacked the JCP, which called for the delay of the local elections soon after the March 11 disaster.

Referring to the Your Party-proposed bill to put off all elections until December due to the disaster, Eda said, “Unfortunately, other parties including the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Japan, the Japanese Communist Party, and the Social Democratic Party voted down the bill.”

“All the four parties—the LDP, the DPJ, the JCP and the SDP—opposed the election delay because they ‘don’t want voters with no political affiliation to go to the polls’ and they think ‘this is beneficial to them,’” Eda added.
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