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2008 September 24 - 30 [JCP]

Put people first: JCP publishes its election platform

September 26, 2008
The Japanese Communist Party has published its election platform for the upcoming House of Representatives general election.

At a news conference on September 25, JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo explained the document entitled “Now is the time to change policies – JCP aims to change policies to ones of putting people first.”

“In the upcoming general election, the present policy framework and content must be called into question; our policy focuses on changing the fundamental policy to one of establishing a society that puts the people’s interests first,” he said.

Stating that every issue that the people are eager to solve is caused by the “two ills” of pro-big business policies and subservience to the U.S., Shii stressed, “Only the party that can present the public with an alternative can defend people’s interests.”

Shii said that the JCP aims to cure the “two ills” and create “a regulated society” that protects the public and build a peaceful and independent Japan without the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

The JCP appeal emphasizes that the JCP is the only party that can cure the “two ills” and that this is possible if the JCP wins more seats in the diet.

Referring to the appeal’s aspiration to create a democratic government, Shii said, “Viewed objectively, Japan has entered an historic era that calls for a new government. The JCP calls on the people to take this upcoming general election as the first step toward a government that puts people first.”
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