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2014 February 12 - 18 [POLITICS]

Right-wing Ishihara calls for lifting ban on use of force

February 13, 2014
Japan Restoration Party co-head Ishihara Shintaro urged the government to establish Rules of Engagement, stressing that Japan needs to show a strong position that it will “attack them if they get closer” on February 12 at a Lower House budget committee meeting.

“If a Chinese vessel captain goes nuts, he could force a collision and sink our coast guard ship with its thicker armor. If a Chinese ship shells and sinks a Japanese ship, is the Maritime Self-Defense Force allowed to launch a counterattack?,” asked Ishihara.

The right-wing parliamentarian, who was the governor of Tokyo for 13 years until 2012, demanded that the ban on the use of force be lifted, stating, “To establish Rules of Engagement is like samurai loosening their sword from the sheath (in preparation for drawing it).”

Regarding the 1993 Chief Cabinet Secretary Kono Yohei statement which admitted the Japanese military’s direct involvement in the so-called “comfort women” issue, the 81 year-old lawmaker said that it was “a stupid remark,” blaming it for “creating the issue”.

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