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2014 February 12 - 18 [POLITICS]

Tamogami supporter adores Hitler

February 14, 2014
Militarist Tamogami Toshio, among the list of supporters he had in the Tokyo metropolitan gubernatorial election, has an organization planning to hold Adolf Hitler’s 125th birthday celebration in April.

Seto Hiroyuki, the former vice head of the neo-rightist party “Political Party of Restoration - New Wind”, is now calling for participation in the party by saying, “Let’s chat together over a glass of wine on the date of the great Chancellor’s birth!”

During the election campaign, the head of this rightist group rode in Tamogami’s campaign truck giving campaign speeches.

Xenophobic figure Sakurai Makoto, head of the Citizens’ Coalition against Special Privileges for Foreign Residents in Japan; pro-nuclear-armed Japan Ishihara Shintaro, former Tokyo governor and the co-chair of the Japan Restoration Party; and member of the NHK Board of Governors Hyakuta Naoki who called other candidates scums also gave speeches in favor of Tamogami in the campaign. Almost everyone backing him was such like-minded fellows.

He lost in the election, receiving 610,865 votes which accounted for 12.5% of the vote.
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