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2014 February 12 - 18 [OKINAWA]

Okinawans march in protest against Osprey helipad construction

February 12, 2014
Getting into the rhythm of the trumpet and sanshin (banjo-like traditional Okinawan musical instrument), about 300 Okinawa citizens on February 11 paraded through Naha City in protest against the construction of U.S. Osprey landing pads in the Takae district of Higashi Village.

The action was called for by a Takae residents’ group which is continuing with a sit-in struggle for a halt to the helipads construction.

Participants assembled in the prefectural capital from across Okinawa after learning of the parade from leaflets or on the Internet.

A female participant with a seven-year-old girl in Naha said, “As an Okinawan, I hope I can be of some help to Takae people whose peaceful lives are being threatened.”

A man in a wheel chair came from Okinawa City with his friends to join the parade. “Both Takae residents and the disabled are suffering under the government’s anti-people policies,” said the man.

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