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2014 February 12 - 18 TOP3 [JCP]

All JCP candidates win Hino City Assembly election with record-high share of votes

February 18, 2014
All five candidates of the Japanese Communist Party won Tokyo’s Hino City Assembly election on February 16 with a record-high share of votes.

While the voter turnout fell by 13 percentage points from the previous election four years ago due to the aftermath of a heavy snow fall over the weekend, the JCP received 9,038 votes accounting for 18.72% of vote cast, up 1.91 percentage points from the previous election.

In the election, the five JCP candidates contested 24 seats with 23 rivals.

During the election campaign, the JCP criticized the Liberal Democratic, Komei, and Democratic parties for establishing the “all-are-ruling-parties” assembly structure which enables the city government to impose on citizens further financial burdens such as an increase in fees for the first visit to the city-run hospital and a change from free to fee-based use of city-run facilities, including school gymnasiums.

The JCP candidates promised to reduce national health insurance premiums and build more care facilities for children and the elderly.

Following the election results, the JCP Hino City Committee issued a statement in which it expressed its determination to work hard with city residents to fulfill its election promises.
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