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2014 July 30 - August 12 [WELFARE]

Crowded after school day-care facilities may threaten children’s safety

August 2, 2014
A nation-wide group working to improve after school day-care recently released annual survey results which indicate that while the number of children using the service reached 900,000, the number of facilities offering the service falls short of growing demand.

According to the survey results, as of May 1, the number of children spending their after-school time at the facilities increased to 933,535, up by 44,782 from the previous year. The number of after school day-care centers with more than 70 users slightly rose by 246 to 1,617 from 1,371 last year.

The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan based on its survey on children’s injuries in after school nurseries pointed out that in high density facilities, children may sustain serious injuries more often.

The national guidelines for after school day-care facilities scheduled to be implemented in April 2015 limits the number of children per facility to 40.

Noting that for elementary school children, after school day-care centers are a routine part of their lives, the national group for better after school day-care service stressed that it is essential to build more after school day-care centers in order to provide safe care for children.
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