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2014 November 5 - 11 [WELFARE]

Childcare workers demand that state improve public childcare system

November 5, 2014
Around 400 childcare workers and parents on November 4 made representations to parliamentarians and the Cabinet Office demanding that the government increase its budget for child rearing programs and build more authorized day care centers for children.

In the representation to the Cabinet Office, the head of a Hyogo group working for better childcare services pointed out that a city government in Hyogo is planning to exclude childcare facility users who had failed to pay assessed fees, from the service. She requested that children’s right to receive care services be guaranteed.

On the previous day, the 400 workers held a rally in Tokyo.

A worker working at a child care center in Nagoya City said that he urged local city officials to increase the number of day care nurseries by presenting a survey result that no respondent had agreed to have fewer childcare facilities. “Our movement is strongly supported by the general public. Let’s strengthen it further for the sake of children,” he added.

Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Tamura Tomoko gave a speech at the rally.
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