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2015 May 20 - 26 [WELFARE]

JCP Hatano calls for more evening junior high schools

May 22, 2015
Japanese Communist Party lawmaker Hatano Kimie on May 20 at a House of Representatives Education Committee meeting demanded that the government make available more evening classes in public junior high schools to meet public needs.

A recent survey by the government showed that of all 47 prefectures in the country, only 8 prefectures have a total of 31 public junior high schools with evening classes.

In response to Hatano’s demand, an official of the education ministry admitted the need for evening classes among those who were unable to finish secondary education for various reasons.

Regarding the fact that the government last year decided on a plan to have all prefectures establish at least one junior high school offering night classes, Hatano argued that one is not enough. She demanded that the state take measures to ensure accessible evening classes for all who wish to go.

Hatano also urged the government to provide evening-class students with subsidies for their commuting fares and costs of school trips. The official replied that the ministry will consider taking measures.
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